Bonyad Erfan Gonabadi

About Us

The Greater Toronto Area

     The Bondyad Erfan Gonabadi was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Province of Ontario in 1995.  The elected board of directors governs the Bonyad. The main objective of the Bonyad is to promote and facilitate the study of Mysticism for all who are interested in the spiritual aspect of religion common to all faiths.  However, the emphasis rests upon Sufism in Islam and in the East.  The Bonyad intends to provide opportunities for the study of Sufism by establishing a library of books, video and audiotapes and forums.  The Bonyad also invites scholars and speakers from across the world to give lectures in the Greater Toronto Area.  Furthermore, this foundation tries to establish ties with other cultural, social, spiritual and academic organizations and centers in around the world to provide information to the general public.