50 poems from Shah Nematollah Vali

Come, my heart and my soul is filled with love for the dervishes.
Come, for the king of the world is a beggar compared with the dervishes.

I swear by the feet of the fakirs and by the life of the Master,
that the dust thrown up into the air by the feet of the dervishes
is to me like kohl for my eyes.

Enter into the place where the Archangel Gabriel has no access;
That is the place of solitude of the dervish.

The voice of the chanting of the lovers and the joy of our gathering
are two examples of the presence and the vibration caused by a dervish.

Take a glass filled with the dregs of grief to toast to the eternal cupbearer,
for the glass with these dregs is the best remedy for a dervish.

Although I am in love with a dervish who made blooding my heart
it is a joy for me, for this wound is a suffering caused by a dervish!

The presence of Seyed, the joy of the dervishes, and the sama of the musicians,
all this is made possible by the breath of creation of the dervish.

O reason, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! O love, come, come, come!
The tranquility of the soul and the heart, that is you! Don't move away from us!

The remedy for the illness of love is the pain of the heart.
There is no remedy more effective for the lovers.

That one, who is hit by the sword of love, reaches eternal life.
And if the Master hit someone with his sword, one cannot blame him for this.

I am drunk and ruined at the door of the tavern of the wine seller,
while the religious, on the contrary resides in a monastery.
See the difference in the situation between both of us!

Our crystal bowl is the mirror of His face.
Look into this crystal bowl and fix this mirror.

That one, who is poor near Him, is the King with everyone.
The small and the great kings are ever poor compared with Him.

Our Seyed who is always drunk is worthy of obedience.
We prefer to be in the presence of Him, while you prefer to look for the paradise and its houris.

He who does not drink wine, how can he understand our happiness?
He who does not taste its pain, how can he know the purity of the remedy?

He who does not take the glass, how can he know the cupbearer?
He who has never put his feet into a tavern, how can he know the divine union?

Look for news of me among the lovers,
don't ask reasonable men about my condition, they don't know anything!

You think that I have a quarrel with a drunken "rend"*,
know however that a drunken "rend" has no disagreement with anybody.

Before the immensity of the light that shines in our heart, the sun is like an atom.
He who is blind by birth knows nothing of the light.

The king of the world knows nothing of the condition of Nematollah,
because he knows nothing of the royal secrets!

O lovers, lovers, we have another way of expression!
O mystic, o mystic, we have another sign!

O nightingale, nightingale, we have the nicest voice
because our garden is from another dimension!

O Khosrow, whose word is like sugar!
O Joseph, whose clothes are like a flower!

O parrot that strews sugar while he speaks!
We have still another language!

A friend who has sacrificed his soul for his heart in the bazaar of love
has found a new life that comes to him from the other side.

Since I saw his love, since my main occupation is to think of him,
I see another reality in the visible and invisible (world).

The sun of the king of Jamshid is in the fourth heaven,
while the brilliant sun of the lovers is in the world outside the universe.

The climate of the heart is the territory of the soul,
The city of the body corresponds to the world here below.

While time and space of the lovers are in the world outside the universe,
you can find the "rend"* at the door of the taverns,
and the sufi's in the corners of the monasteries.

The throne of our sovereign however is located elsewhere.
Seyed is to me the soul of my spirit, he is to me the pain and the remedy.
My life belongs to him, because he is the issue of another world.

Continuously I am intoxicated by the glass of his love.
I have renounced public and my near ones and am always in safety.

The excitement that he evokes in me is the cupbearer of my heart;
He himself is the wine and my existence is the glass being filled with it.

If you want to learn love, then I am your teacher.
And if you want to be excited, read my book.

I am not a perfect pious one, but I am a perfect "rend"*.
Since I have become a servant I am shining.

And the sultan of love has become my slave.
Without the love of the beloved, life would have no sense.
And without the pain of love, my life should be useless.

While thinking of him, drinking wine is admitted,
But without love for Seyed, even water is forbidden.

The cupbearer walked and all the rend* were following him.
He had a glass wine in his hand and the drunkards were after him.

He had taken the way to the ruins of the magi*.
The lovers and the worshippers of wine were following him.

Sometimes he danced and exclaimed cries of drunkenness,
and the others followed him in his cry.

While he walked, it was if my life went in front of me ;
my heart walked after him and my soul escaped from my body to follow him.

The flute played music and the harp followed the flute.
Endure the pain of love to find the tranquility of the remedy thereafter!

Suddenly a fire appeared and consumed the interior and exterior of my existence,
like a candle whose flame consumed the wick of its existence.

The love for the Beloved is like fire, and my existence like a moth;
I am thankful for the fact that the moth had been burned by this kind of fire!

I have laid the fire on the incense of my heart, in the censer of my chest,
but this fire has taken such a size that my robe, my neck and my face are burned!

The treasure of my knowledge was hidden in the ruins of my chest;
it took fire and the treasure, the ruin and my chest have been consumed altogether.

From my hot breath, the fire has been dispersed in the whole world;
All what existed, be it dry or humid, has been consumed!

My burning sigh which consumes everything, has reduced my body and soul, my faith and my faithlessness to ashes,
And has let them fly away with the wind.

I wrote the words of Nematollah in a book, and the pen has taken fire
and has consumed my hand and my collection of poems.

The heart is the throne of love, the shelter of the heart is the camp of love.
On this ground it is love who is the sultan, and the others are his subjects.

Love is the point of support of the world;
the world is in the refuge of love.

Wine is permitted in the religion of love;
it is not our fault, but that of love.

O reason, leave this ground, you are forbidden on this ground,
for it belongs to the king of love.

On the sign of leaving the two worlds, make a bonnet with two plies*,
this is the bonnet of love.

O Seyed, servant, the way that brings you to the Truth
is the way of love!

For us every night is the night of again found union,
and every day is the day of joy.

And thanks to love I am king!
He who seeks richness and honor is ignorant of his Lord.

Leave the world and seek the joy for your soul
because everything that belongs to this world is a useless attachment!

With your face before the eyes it is permitted to drink wine
according to the religion of the lovers.

Since we have seen the beauty of the beloved,
we have no more desire to think of ourselves.

Don't ask who is imperfect with Nematollah!
If you look more in detail, you will see that all is perfect!

His mercy is spread over the unlimited treasures
and in the cup of the soul he pours out the water of His clemency.

Under the feet of the lovers he casts
the hidden treasures of creation and eternity.

Day and night the clouds send us the water drawn from the ocean;
like rose water he casts it over the exterior and interior of each being.

When the cupbearer pours the wine in the cup,
the content of the cup is emptied from its own.

He casts the radiance of His light over us,
and so He continues for eternity.

Nematollah, spread the substantial jewels of the unity
over the heads of all the mystics!

This is a Charabat* with "rend la o baly*"
A drunkard opened the door of the tavern:
Come, come, don't loose any time, O drinkers "la o baly!"

Here is the place where the Shahed *of the invisible world is present.
And his circle consists of "rend la o baly".

Chant, you who are the musician of the lovers,
and play the melody of them who loosed their hearts and who are "la o baly"!

In this period now the drunken eyes of our cupbearer
transmit their intoxication all around,
the soul of the person "la o baly" did find another life.

Seek among the drunkards of the district of love
the address of the lovers of the "la o baly".

In the party hidden in the solitude of Seyed,
day and night is the feast of the " la o baly".

I am the Rend of the Charabat, safeguarded from performing miracles.
I live in a corner of a tavern, continuously reciting prayers.

I am the boss of all the rend, and the cupbearer of all the drunkards.
I am not an ascetic dervish, but the sultan of the Charabat
I am His mirror, and in the mirror I seek Him.

I don't speak logically, because I am in an exalted state.
But still I forbid myself to pronounce words of "tamat".

If you want to know the attributes of God manifested in the substance of somebody,
then see into the mirror of my substance all these attributes together.

I am the Seyed of the lovers, I represent the best of the universe.
Nobody can compare with me in none of the two worlds, that's my situation!

We are drunk and in love by the wine of love,
and we have come into the quarter of the magians to adore the wine.

Before the creation of this world we have drank a pure wine
Our cupbearer was a habitant of Paradise,
therefore we are arrived drunk in this world.

In this world outside space and time,
our beloved has come to stay with us;

We have received the news and our heart became joyful.
It has no use to look in all directions: we are there, cup in the hand!

The beloved is hidden in my heart and he has told me:
"I came here with much hesitations."

You are at the same time the cupbearer and the cup,
and all these are words pronounced by love.

With a retreat of fourteen days wherein our friend passed by,
he produced all this agitation!

In this brotherhood, we are all adorers of the wine.
At every dawn I am be brought at the beloved,

I loosed control over myself and I am annihilated!
Seyed, who tears the ocean, has launched his harpoon
and has harpooned us!

If you want to come closer to your beloved, you have to sacrifice your soul,
if you want to join your beloved, you have to abandon your life!

To get to know love, you have to take the path of the lovers!
In the ruins of the magi we drunkards are together, cup of wine in the hand.

If you want to join us take the way of the magi!
The energy of his love is like a drunken Turk who makes havoc everywhere.

Before him you have to leave the field of your heart and to let fall your life.
You must keep the image of his face continuously before your eyes.

Everything that comes to you by inspiration from this image
is the lesson you have to learn.

The dregs of the wine is delicious to drink, like pure wine that restores your health.
And when he gives you this wine take it on site!

We are coming from the ruin, we are rend, we are drunken lovers,
and if you are an ascetic you must remove yourself from us!

What Seyed tells you comes from his soul and not from his reason,
so you have to assimilate it by your heart and not by your brains.

Don't worry, my friend, I am worrying for you!
I am your only friend in the visible and invisible world.

If they bring you to hell, go there without any hesitation,
for I guard you for the fire of the hell!

And if they bring you to the paradise, don't go without me,
for the beauty of the flowers of the paradise are assured by me!

Sometimes you roam there where you want,
but after all the point of return, it is me!

On the crossroads of existence,
the only buyer of your goods, it is me!

Come to my pharmacy,
for the remedies for all complaints are with me!

A messenger of the invisible world spoke these words:
Come back, Nematollah, he who seeks you, it is me!

Look at the little bird that makes "yahoo"!
Day and night he is with Him
and in spite of this he seeks him repeating "cuc-koo".

Our soul is like an archer,
who would shoot his arrows at very precise targets,

as fine as hair,
and who still splits them in two at each shot.

In the ruin of the magi, the king of love
sets up the tents of his sovereignty everywhere.

On the way of the beloved, don't be a hypocrite
For he embraces the people who has firm intention!

The king of love has built the city of the heart,
and he places his banner on the tower.

The musician of the lovers plays on his instrument;
And when the instrument is tuned, the music is magnificent.

Nematollah is an intoxicated rend,
he empties his glass of wine at His health.

I am in love and drunk and I go into the quarter of wine sellers.
I am a cupbearer- rend and I seek the company of the drinkers of wine.

I have a wineskin filled with wine, I am roaming like the"rend.
I have abandoned reason and I look for a place among the drunkards.

I am the shade of the light of God who moves from one corner to the other;
I am the sun who turns around the world.

If there is no place in a monastery, I shall stay in a corner of a tavern!
I am the king and I go where it seems me good.

Hear my sighs, coming from the pain of my heart!
I have suffered a lot, but now I am walking to the remedy.

One could say that I am a glass
passing from hand to hand by the force of love.

My mouth is on the mouth of the beloved,
and I walk whole embracing him.

This is only one point, by the effect of the rapidity manifested as a whole circle.
I am the compass that traces the circle, all turning around itself.

I cast a call amidst of the lovers, to know who is going to accompany me,
Now I am like a drunken nightingale that takes the direction of the garden.

I drink the wine, toasting on Nematollah,
with my companions I walk in tranquility in the solitude of the soul.

We are the sea itself and we are attracted by the waves of the sea.
Our heart that has a heart as big as the oceans is attracting us to its origin.

The problems of the heart are resolved by His mouth being as sweet as halwa*.
It is no wonder that we have desire to halwa all the time.

Our hand is his robe and the tears of our eyes the dust of the earth.
The pine of his statue is removing from us.

His attraction brings us ceasessly to the tavern
and we follow Him where He attracts us.

I have spoken of a subject so subtle as one of his hairs.
And my spirit is troubled that much that I am at the border of craziness.

He designs imaginary figures in our imagination
and he, who is capable to contemplate them, sees that they are magnificent.

With every respiration Nematollah receives its effusions.
for that reason his evolution is permanent.

The seven oceans are a droplet compared with our sea without limitations.
The way that leads to this limitless sea, seek this near us!

Seek the treasure of the beloved in the corners of our heart,
we have found it there!

We have surrendered the heart to the beloved and our soul to the Great Spirit
and if he accepts our donation, it is a great honor to us.

In the cycle of the moon we have a great ceremony.
Wherever the glass of wine goes round we are drunk and this is our force.

The stunned reason is dazzled by the lightning of his love.
We are dazzled by him and the whole world is dazzled by us.

Apart of his image we have nothing before our eyes.
Everything we have seen and we see is our beloved himself.

We have trusted our heart to his long hair that trails on the ground.
We are confused by his hair and his hair is trailing on the earth by us.

In our heart his love has more place than our own life.
The love of our beloved is more important than life.

His love is a treasure and our heart is a ruin.
The best to do is to hide the treasure within the ruin.

It is good to tuck away a glass of wine on our health.
And still better it is to continue drinking wine in huge quantities.

Tears flow from our eyes in all directions.
The source of our eyes is larger than the sea of Oman.

Never I will reveal to anybody the secret of my heart.
It is better to hide the secret of love on the bottom of your heart.

It is pleasant to hear the voice of the nightingale in the garden,
although our gathering is even better than the garden.

If you, Nematollah, have the gifts of God, you can say that you have good luck.
For it is better to be poor than to be deprived of them.

His love is the sovereign of the territory of our heart.
This sovereignty belongs to our beloved.

The sovereigns of the seven climates
are to be considered as slaves before our beloved.

And we have passed the limits of our ego thanks to his love;
we belong to him and he belongs to us.

We are drunken rend who are living in the quarter of the magi,
and they who work in the tavern are at our order.

We consume the dregs of the wine of his love.
The illness that he spreads is the best remedy for us.

The cupbearer of the rend and the drunkards is turning around himself,
wine cup in his hand.

Don't seek the joy of the drunkards among reasonable people!
Seek Nematollah who is one of our rend.

The safe of the divine treasures, it is the heart!

The representative of the divine lights, it is the heart!

The mirror that shows the whole universe, it is the heart!

The paradise of the lovers, it is the heart!

The paradise of the people drunk by the celestial wine, it is the heart!

Find the beloved within your heart, for the retreat of the beloved, it is the heart!

The place to find the pearl of the sea without end, it is the heart!

The hidden treasure of God, it is the heart!

Seek the secret of the heart at the heart!

And don't talk with your reason, but with your heart!

To Seyed, the most intimate friend is the heart!

Our preoccupation is to be drunken and in love,
and the point of the gathering of the lovers, is our vow.

We are friends with the glass, and we keep company with the " rend".
If you meet a "rend", he is one of our friends.

In the garden of love, we are drunken nightingales.
The visits of the people of the heart is our garden.

In the storehouse of the universe all that you find comes from our bazaar.
The source of the water of life is to the thirst at the glass of wine.

And our poetry is a secret that comes forth from our mysteries.
And he who is one of our intimates knows these mysteries.

Nematollah is intoxicated, glass wine in the hand!
He is the happy cupbearer of our time!

The two worlds are nothing for the lover
who speaks of his love.

He who is longing to his hair and his face,
cross the gap between faith and infidelity.

The musician of the lovers plaid on our instrument,
sometimes low and sometimes sharp.

If you want to know the truth of existence, direct yourself to our heart.
It beats on the rhythm of the greatest name of God.

Nematollah is the hidden wisdom of the heart,
but to preserve the ethics, he says:" "God is the wisest!"

O you, who are at the same time my soul and my beloved!
May my life be sacrificed for you.

Your hair is the infidelity in me
and your face is my fidelity.

In the desire of your love, my garden is laughing;
every nightingale profits of my flowers and my garden.

Amidst of this scenery, I am with you and you are with me;
we are so united that even one hair cannot pass between the two of us.

The "rend" of my private assembly are intoxicated around the cupbearer.
The stock of pots resounds by the turmoil of the intoxication of my rend.

I am designated by the sultan as governor of the province.
Nobody can be measured with me, like Rostam.

He who has the magic regard is he
who has found the treasure in the friendship in the ruins of my heart.

You are Seyed and I am your slave, you are the boss and I am your servant.
If I pretend to be in love with you, Seyed is my witness.

Our eyes are full of images which he creates every moment.
And with each image he changes the state of our soul.

His love, such a Sultan, gives us every moment a new authorization,
And he signs with "he who has no equivalent".

If my heart is attracted to the beloved,
It is because the beloved attracts it to him.

My efforts serve to nothing,
it is this attraction that prevails.

The cupbearer gives continuously wine to the "rend".
And from this cup they drink a pure liquid.

I have found Nematollah and I share this blessing with the whole world.
You have not to think that I have a material interest in this affaire.

O lovers, lovers, I give youth to the greybeards!
O you thirsty ones, I change the drop of water into an ocean!

O seeker, seeker, I have the kohl of wisdom for your ill eyes!
I give the sight to the blind born!

A deaf-mute who comes to see me, I cast a glance on him
and he becomes a parrot that distils sugar words.

If the nafs* are turning in the wrong direction, I pull it at its ear.
And if reason starts to torment me, I let it loose its credibility.

I am "rend" in the quarter of bewilderment, and I am drunk by the cup of unity.
I did come into the ruins of the magi to raid the tavern.

I am a moth attracted by his candle.
I find my concentration with him.

I am a nightingale in the garden, who chant at the top of its voice
for the love of the flowers.
From the other side of space I receive his message.

O Seyed at the end of the world, hide yourself from all and everything,
that I may manifest myself to you!

My remedy is the pain coming by you.
Who am I? I am you and you are me, we are One.

Whole existence is your effusion; we exist by the grace of you.
Don't speak in Turkish language, why are you repeating so many words in Turkish?

The corner of the solitude of my eyes is made free for you,
and water is streaming out of it.
O light of my eyes, come and stay in my eyes.

You are at the same time the head and the secret in the depth of the heart.
You are the sugar and Egypt where the sugar is coming from.

You are the handsome Joseph and at the same time his clothes.
The body is like the almond tree, which spirit is the fruit.
And you are the essence therein.

Even if I am poor, I am sultan.
And if I am your servant, thanks to your love I have need of nothing.

Seyed looks for you day and night at the outside,
While your dwelling place is at the inside.

O you, who are the light in the eyes of the lovers, sit down at your place.
O Joseph, whose cloths are fine as a flower; give the joy to your father Jacob.

O you who are the manifestation of the mercy of God.
O you who are the king of the two worlds, may you have the kindness to lift the veil of your face.

The man who is the mirror of the universe has got the permission to be your representative.
You are the soul of the whole universe and the universe is your body.

I paint your face on the canvas of my eyes
that they see only the light of your face.

You have made a big fire, and therein you have burned the incense of our heart;
you have spread a delicious perfume in our assembly.

We have kindled the candle of our assembly with the fire of your love.
And since then the men and women of our assembly are consumed like moths.

I am the intimate friend of Nematollah and my soul is growing near him.
I speak like a drunkard since I have seen the intoxication in his eyes.

O lovers, lovers, the beloved is our intimate friend
and he used to visit us.

He who is drunken by the wine of his love is continuously in a good state of the soul.
One drop of his wine is better then hundred glasses of Jam!

In the ruin of the magi we are drunken and we are drinking wine
on the health of him who is mocking on the two worlds entirely.

My heart is as clear as a mirror, always placed before the face of the beloved.
And his beauty that is the secret of the talisman, is herein reflected.

The light of the two universes comes from the image of his beauty;
The source of this light is the beauty of his face.

In the assembly of our king there are sweet candies and wine.
Only the dregs of the pain is missing, bring it!

If you visit Nematollah in the space of one breath,
he will show you the face of the saki* through the wine glass.

The light of my eyes and that of the lamp of my house
comes from de beauty of my beloved;
look at that light in the eye of my heart!

Ceasessly I make mental images in my eyes;
see in our eyes at the same time Joseph and his clothes!

Come with us into this ocean; see the bubbles and the water!
Every bubble is an example of our body and of our spirit.

The love has made the fire to burn the incense of the heart,
it softens you like wax, even if you are hard as iron.

The origin of the numbers is always One, which one counts a hundred or thousand times.
Just like Adam was the origin of all human beings.

In the cave of your heart pass a moment with your intimate friend.
That friend whose residence and the cave of the heart is the best!

The light of the beauty of Seyed has illuminated the whole universe.
Look into my intoxicated eyes, illuminated by his light!

I am the cherished spirit breathed into the body.
I am the travelling stranger arrived out of the spiritual dimension.

By the eternal cup I am intoxicated
and I carry the cup of obedience in my hand.

I remain in my solitude with my beloved
In the corner of the soul I stay with the people of the heart,
sheltered from fear and hope.

I am looking to God and God looks to me;
I am at the same time king and poor.
And nobody ever has seen a person like me.

I am the sun of the material and spiritual world.
I am the reflection of the moon during his passage.

I am the royal eagle whose home is nowhere,
flown away from his dwelling place.
I am the son of love, brought up by the beloved.

We are like the flower and sugar mixed unto syrup.
I am luminous like his mercy and I don't speak of anything else.

And everything I say, it is he who says it and who hears it at the same time.
I am in the refuge of certainty, intimate with my friend,
protected from religion and infidelity.

I am sought by the seekers and the beloved of the lovers
I am the Seyed of my time, who has neutralized his ego.

When you see a beautiful face,
know that I have an attraction for him.

The corner of my eyes is illuminated by his light.
Come in and sit down, because this is a good corner!

If you find a "rend" in the corner of a Charabat* ,
Hold him not for a stranger; he is an intimate friend!

The dervish who performs a forty days retreat deserves to be cherished;
his appearance is of a poor one, and his substance is of a king.

We have the pain of love, and we drink the dregs of wine;
The remedy of the lovers is different from that of others.

If you imagine the beauty of anyone else than the beloved,
the Chinese artists will say you that this is not good.

By his mercy the cupbearer has given us a stock of wine;
it is the gift of Nematollah; may we take profit of this favour.

We are dervishes and servants,
we expect a special attention from you, O King!

You possess the secret of the sight, cast a glance on us!
We cannot see there where you are, look there where we are!

You are the one who sees and who is seen in the mirror!
And we are the mirror: cast a glance in this mirror!

We have a good hope of your kindness,
Don't disappoint us, cast a glance on us!

You have cast a glance on the Seyed of the drunkards,
Out of respect for Seyed, cast a glance on us!

Thanks to God we are liberated from the pain of the separation : congratulations !
We are freed from this prison: congratulations!

We were abstained from it, we have drank the wine of his love,
in the solitude of the tavern we are intoxicated: congratulations!

He has had the kindness to us to reveal us a corner of his face,
and now we are his adorers: congratulations!

We have the eternal sovereignty by his gift,
and we exists of an eternal life: congratulations!

Our eyes see by the light of his face,
we see only Him: congratulations!

Since we have laid our hand in your hand,
we are like Rostam, more powerful then whoever: congratulations!

You are the Seyed of the drunkards, and we are your slaves.
We are drunkards and not like them abstained from wine: congratulations!

The heart is the glass that reflects the universe
and the mirror that shows the face of God.

A priceless value is hidden within the heart:
it is the royal treasure.

The heart is located in the Occident, by relation to the light of the moon,
and in the Orient by relation to the luminosity of the rising sun.
The heart is the place of the descent of the King, and the mirror of His beauty.

His hair and His face are for us the day and the night,
This is not only a question of black and white.

In the religion of the lovers,
every image in the place of His, is forbidden.

The heart is the ocean which includes the universes,
and the soul of the universe is therein like a fish.

The best manner to excuse in the presence of love is
to sacrifice his heart and soul.

Know that the existence of Nematollah is a gift of Allah!

The sailors have told the story of the sea,
and the dwellers of the land have repeated their words.

The dwellers of the land have told you the stories
about the sea, the bubbles, the waves and the streams
which they have derived from our words, from us sailors.

Many has told the story of Joseph,
But nobody has told it like we do it.

All the rend and all the drunkards came to us to tell us their story.
They have told each other their secrets
and revealed each other what was remained hidden.

These words, very sweet and very attractive for the heart,
they have told them by inspiration of divine words.

The mystics have understood the secrets of Seyed,
And his friends have reported his words to the four quarters of the world.

Our "motreb"* did play a sweet song ;
it is a fire that consumed the cloths of all the lovers.

O you, minstrel of the lovers, sing and play the song
that corresponds with the state of soul of the lovers "la-o-baly"!

I compose a verse that makes drunk
and I sing a poem full of love.

I am the Seyed of the assembly of worshippers of the wine
and the cupbearer of the ruin of the magi.

I am a minstrel with a sweet voice, who sings for the "rend".
I am the cupbearer of the assembly of drinkers of the wine

If you want to hear the words of the lovers,
Listen to me for I sing with a sweet voice.

With glass in the hand, having lost reason and completely drunk,
I turn around in the company of the "rend".

My assembly is a ceremony of love
and I visit the lovers day and night.

My glass is full of dregs of the sufferance.
I don't know a remedy more efficient than that.

My appearance is the wave, and my reality is the ocean.
There you see how I am in appearance and in substance.

Nematollah did arrive,
I go dressing a royal table for such a guest.


Recite my powerful words:
These come from my burned heart,
which consumes for his part the spirit of the listener.

We are music instruments and he plays on us by his mercy.
It is for this that Nematollah chants.

When he plays on his instrument of love
The heart takes the same harmony.

The dregs of the suffering that come there from is the remedy of the heart.
All that our musician plays is for establishing the harmony of the heart.

Nematollah plays on his music instrument: listen to it well,
It is the intern music of his heart that is plaid on his instrument!

The word of Seyed comes from his heart:
so listen with your heart and learn it by heart.

In the sama* of the lovers, this dervish turns like the moon.
In our time the circle of dervishes is a good thing.

Everyone profits of the benefactions dispensed by Nematollah.
Nematollah, with all his benefactions, belongs to us.

The muttering from the mouth of the motreb* who sings my words
has bewildered the nightingale of the garden of the charabat*.

O cupbearer, bring a glass with wine, for I am drunk
and I have broken my pact of piety.

O motreb, sing and play a nice music,
for Layla is united with Majnun.

My minstrel has plaid the music instrument of the lovers.
Therefore the best sounds are transmitted to our ears.

If one plays on me (on such an instrument)
I begin to sigh from pain, such a flute.

And if one does not play on me,
I will remain mute day and night.

The minstrel of lovers did play on us like a music instrument,
With tones sometimes flat and sometimes sharp.

Our poetry is a mysterious expression of our secrets.
He who is our intimate friend knows our secrets.

We are drunken nightingales in the garden of love
And the visits of people of the heart is our garden.

It is pleasant to hear the voice of the nightingales in our garden
but our assembly has more value than this garden.

My mystic heart is dancing in my chest
For it hears the sweet voice of its David (his Master).

In the longing to participate in the assembly,
the flute laments and the harp follows the sighs of the flute.

The minstrel of the lovers plays on a music instrument.
And because his instrument is perfect, he plays perfect.

O lovers, which one of you wants to accompany me?
I am a drunken nightingale who took the way of the garden.
Listen to my sighs, which are coming from my suffering heart.
I have suffered much, and now I am searching the remedy.

My burning sighs are giving off fire everywhere.
They have consumed the body, the soul, the infidelity and the belief.
I was recording the words of Nematollah in a book,
And the pen took fire and burned at the same time my hand and my book.

The bird of my soul flew out of his cage:
if the prisoners may be liberated!

Come in our school and study the book of love !
The joyful reading of this book is a very pleasant thing.
The words of Seyed are pleasant, for he speaks with much joy.
If someone answers him with joy, this will be equally pleasant.

I have studied the secrets of love passing the pages of the book of God,
And the interpretation of these secrets are not to be found with the religious.

This is a ceremony of joyful sama, inspired by the words of Seyed.
All this comes from the muttering of the sighs of the dervishes.
The "rend" of Nematollah turn in a drunken state.
Also you, tap your feet on the ground and move your hands!
Until when do you want to avoid the dance?

Xarabat, ruin of the magi.
Rend: a very advanced dervish.
Sama: the dance of the dervishes.
" la o baly ", being indifferent for everything.
Shahed, one of the qualities of the beloved.
Tamat, words, apparently in contradiction with religion, uttered by the dervishes of God.
Mages : Spiritual leaders of the Zoroatriens.
Magi (pl.of magus), Zoroastrian priests, known for their spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
Halwa : sweets made from sesame's and honey
Nafs, ego.
Saki, cupbearer.